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16th February 2006

8:17pm: I may be moving back to New Orleans.
I no longer have any friends there. None.
I need the money though that I can make with the relief work, and I was offered my old apartment for free rent to fix up a couple of things on my time off. I should stop ruining all of my relationships with people I respect, but sometimes I just can't help but to butt in when I care.
I hope I can make friends when I am back, I don't need to rekindle, just take what I know, move on and grow.
What should I do?

28th December 2005

2:44pm: Merry holidays and all the wonderful whatever that's involved.
May your steaks be plump and moist
I know my dog is wishing the same for me, the little vulture.

13th December 2005

4:23pm: You horrible cunt.
Black eyes on me.

9th December 2005

6:14pm: I wish the rain would never stop, it's all I have to sing me to sleep.
Of course, if he could he would, but for the life of me I can't recall to where in my heart I've pushed him off.

4th December 2005

7:49pm: Where did the summer go?
Everything stood still for quite some time, and now nothing stops moving.
It's good to be back in Florida though. I didn't miss much, but it appears as though I've missed the world.

26th August 2005

3:13pm: What a disgusting day. I can't wait until fall. I want my nipples to poke out.

22nd August 2005

1:24pm: I wrote three new songs today. I actually sat under a tree with my acoustic and wrote songs. It felt good, I haven't done that in a while. I hear if you do that near a park or a college campus the ladies will flock. Fickle little girls. Haha, could be fun though. Maybe I will do it by Loyola, I can only imagine the responce there.
"We don't fall for that crap here, we are liberated women and can't be won over by those big brown eyes and smooth smooth voice, light fingers gently plucking the strings... make out with me."

18th August 2005

3:46pm: I added a couple of new friends. I always feel I have to announce it. It's only semi random. I don't know you but I like to read things written by interesting people that happen to be local.

11th August 2005

4:45pm: I caught a train a little bit north of the Georgia border and went on up to Pensylvania. Not much time spent there, but this is really funny.
I met an amish family there that gave me bread and butter and drove me into town. Drove in a car, it looked like the city only had one car per community or something like that.
It was a very old car that made about 30 miles an hour max speed. The daughter looked at me like I was crazy but they all smelled just as bad as I did.
They dropped me off in a metropolitan area, but I dont know which one it was.
I ran into some guys that were driving from NYC to Youngstown, Ohio and had stopped at a gas station for a pee. This could be fun, I've never seen Youngstown, Ohio or even heard of it. I caught a ride with them, turns out there was a huge music fest going on in Youngstown. This town has a metropolitan area but not much to speak of, there are steel mills and hills. The air was crisp and clean and a bit cold when it blew. I actually ran into friends there though that I had no idea I would even speak to while I was out. I went on a journey to find myself through isolation and did not expect to enjoy seeing familiar faces as much as I did. It was more of a breath of fresh air than the actual air that surrounded me.

2nd August 2005

1:37pm: What a dark day. it looks like it may be getting a little bit brighter though.
I am really thankful that angela foetuscide put up that website over at www.angelagail.net because the music is perfect.
Someone recently asked me where it was that I hitch hiked.
I hadnt really thought to get too into it because I already wrote so much in my own little paper book, but I guess I can share a bit since others may find it interesting.
I will just post a little bit here and there until i end up current.

I made it from here to Atlanta in the back of a pick up truck. This old man was going to visit his daughter at georgia tech. There was rain on and off all the way to Birmingham and as soon as we crossed the Georgia border was nothing but sunshine. I've been all over Georgia and never really knew it as much of a sunshine state, though it certainly has it's moments. The man driving was an old black man that left his arm out of the window the entire way up. He stopped once to get gas and use the restroom and never said a word. On his rearview mirror hung an airfreshener with the face of Jesus Christ himself. I hopped out as soon as we made it within city limits and got myself some aloe vera in a Kroger. I wore a hat luckily enough, but my arms were terribly sunburnt.

30th July 2005

2:29pm: I just added some people, don't be scared. I'm nice.
2:18pm: I am back. i just spent a long spring/summer hitch hiking.
I should write in here more than i write in my little paper book but for a while it's all i had. I wont bother with translating everything from there into here, i just like to keep up on this thing about once a year to remind myself that im still around the same places that others are too. Being isolated for so long finding new places and new people and leaving them just as quickly can wear a boy out.

9th July 2004

3:39pm: The sun hasn't been up in weeks, and now that it is up I have no desire to look at it. It's almost as if I am over it. Sun, I am through waiting for you to come out whenever you feel it's convenient! Hah.

21st January 2004

1:46am: Jason came over, we went to Barnes n Noble. Lo and behold in the back corner by the bathroom there was 5 dollars sitting on the ground waiting for me. I picked it up and we ate some ice cream. I love ice cream.

17th December 2003

2:48am: Dear myself.
Keep better track of your life, before it all happens while you sleep and forgets you.
Today the weather got cold, I played the guitar, I did some pushups, and I forgot that i hadn't paid a heating bill. Looks like it's trashcan fire for me.

6th August 2003

4:22am: I was off saving the animals, hiking through mountains and sailing with the vikings.
Somehow I forgot that I had a computer back home, please forgive me. :)
I hope that the few friends that did add me back did not take me off of their friends' list

15th May 2003

6:51am: What am I doing here?
I left my cat at home, so she would not fight with the dog for the entire 11 hours that it took to get here, and now I'm thinking that I should have brought the cat instead.
Current Mood: annoyed

13th May 2003

Once, I wrote a song for you.
That's all I remember. I've forgotten the tune, I've forgotten the words.
All I remember is that once you meant something
and all I remember is that you existed.
2:45am: I saw a kitty sleeping under a bush. I thought I should feed it, but then I thought that may be supporting the population growth of stray cats. If this cat was meant to live, it will do so without my help.

12th May 2003


I just looked in the mirror. This is what I saw.
After much consideration, I have come to the conclusion that I am a sexy bitch.
7:09am: I think my dog shit on the carpet again.
7:08am: I just ate a pizza. The sauce dripped from my tongue down my throat and I wondered if there was any feeling closer to heaven.
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